Nowadays everybody wants to live in a clean and tidy home, which represents a hygienic environment for the whole family. If anybody wants to achieve the great standards of cleanliness then u can contact to Dubai residential company. It provides the client with a professional and efficient domestic cleaning service.
It provides a reliable and professional employer that take of every part of the building. Dubai residential companies offer the chance to focus on an important stuff in our life while the employers make sure that the client home is sparkling and clean. The employer doesn’t just clean the home but in fact they start from one section of the corner to another and then proceed towards the other. The main motive of this company is to offer home owners reliable, trust worth and complete home cleaning solution.
This company provides a flexible home cleaning service that is specially tailored to the client’s needs. The employers of companies are of excellent workmanship at the very competitive prices. The companies of this employer provide comprehensive range of domestic cleaning service. Generally they clean the windows, remove the trashes, iron the clothes, polish marble flooring and dust furniture. Either the client need the kitchen cleaning or the bathroom cleaning the Dubai residential companies has the necessary equipment which provide the client with the guaranteed results.
Its mission is to create a positive impact on the quality of life of home owners. It also provides the highest quality residential cleaning services which are available in the company. Its motto is to be recognized as the leading provider of cleaning service for commercial and residential purpose.
The employer of this company does all the dirty work for their client. The employers are very well trained cleaners and maids that can be hired with confident by the client. The experts cleaners are there to take over the house and give it a through clean so that it remains sparkly clean. The maids clean the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the living areas. They dust, sweep, vaccum and even remove the stains and spots from the walls and rugs. In a whole they generally make the house clean and sparkling.
In this company there is another facilities in which the client can schedule to hire a maid in which they will come in once a day or once a week or twice a week as per their client schedule and would clean the house as per their instructions. Similarly they also provide deep cleaning and move in cleaning service in Dubai.
The basic services that the company will offer are given below. If there would be anything that the client would like the maid to do which is not on the list then they can request they without any hesitation.
Entrances, hallways and staircases:
Remove cobwebs
Light fixtures
Furniture and items on furniture dusted
Wood work wiped (windows sills, baseboards, door frames)
Finger print removed
Mirrors, pictures, items on wall dusted
Spindles, beside runners and kick board of stalls dusted
Remove cobwebs
Light fixtures
Vacuuming thoroughly
Hand wash floors when required
Mirrors, pictures, items on walls dusted
Furniture’s on hardwoods will not be moved unless protected with felt pads
Remove cobwebs
Light fixtures
Bathtub and bathtub enclosure disinfected
Shower stalls and Jacuzzi disinfected


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