A construction cleaning is a bit different than a residential and a commercial cleaning service. It is because for the construction cleaning the work is much more labor, intensive and difficult. Construction cleanup crews are the people who make sure about newly built or renovated homes are spic and span before the owners move in and take possession.
There are different types of work in construction cleaning which include cleaning windows inside and out, dusting and washing all surfaces, removing stickers on windows and appliances appliances, hauling away the last of the construction wastages, polishing all the interior glass, marble and title surfaces, dusting and wasting walls and ceilings and vacuuming the floors. Generally the rates are based upon the estimated prior for doing the work and vary greatly depending on the size of the job and scope of the work.
It under that time is the most important essence on the construction project. The workers are so dedicated to make sure that the client time lines are met. The works are very cheerful and are very passionate about meeting the client’s construction cleaning needs. These companies have developed unique cleaning systems that have proven superior in the construction cleaning industry.
This construction cleaning service provide construction contractors with complete commercial and residential construction cleaning service for new corporate buildings, shopping, centers, high rises condominiums, schools and residential properties.
The highly professional tools and municipal certification are provided for the construction cleaning to clean the building inside out, top to bottom, from the deepest dirtiest corners of the air conditioning duct system to the underground water tanks and from the parapet roof to the basement car park slab.
Construction sites are often filled with wastes and duct due to all the work that is being done. Whether it is newly constructed building or a commercial concern like an office, showroom, restaurant or a clinic, post construction deep cleaning of the property is of paramount importance. Deep cleaning after construction is however a very technical subject.
Dubai cleaning services however specialize in after construction or post construction deep cleaning service in Dubai. These companies provide fully trained cleaners and hotel train supervisors with equipment to the construction site. Its motto is to finish all the work on speed within a set time frame. They can also provide a strategy during construction clean-up for an ongoing, regular cleaning and maintenance program to keep the clients facility looking its best day, year after year. Due to this the Dubai cleaning companies are the first choices for construction cleaning in Dubai.
They take the time to aggressively clean the property of any dust and wastages that has piled up during the construction process. They clean the whole thing in such a way that the client would never know that construction took places in the building. As the post construction cleaning they will go through every part of the home to make sure that if it is clean or not. The work includes counters, sinks, faucets, stores, toilets, bathtubs and other parts of the home. When the whole work is done the properties seems and feels like brand new. The workers of this company are always ready to help with their post construction clean up so that they can move their property back to the home or office.