Dubai cleaning services by

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is one of the leading cleaning service companies in Dubai. The company has been supplying all types of cleaning services for a number of years to various facilities and residential homes. We have been integrating our huge experience in the field with the latest technology to bring our customers the best cleaning services within the most reasonable price. The company was established with the sole aim of providing the customers with one stop destination for all kinds of cleaning services. Because we came to realize that  cleaning goes hand in hand.
Since the time of its establishment the company has been able to establish its business relations with some of the well-known companies and offices. The company is a licensed company by the authority of Dubai as it maintains all the required international standards as well as local standards as per the law. The company is run by highly experienced and qualified board of directors which can be seen in the way the company handle its customer service.

The company is run with integrity, effective strategies that benefit the company and the customers as well as policies that are made to ensure the satisfaction of the customers.

Our Dubai cleaning services include the following categories:

Residential Cleaning

We provide all kinds of cleaning services for private Villas, pent house, apartment, residential buildings all over Dubai. We collaborate closely with our customers to understand the requirement of the customers which enable us to provide them with exactly what they expect. Bathroom cleaning, restroom cleaning, sofas cleaning, carpet cleaning, windows cleaning and many other cleaning services are provided for residential facilities. We have helped enhance the living conditions of thousands of homes in Dubai.
Commercial cleaning
We have especially trained cleaners for cleaning commercial properties such as banks, shopping malls, schools, offices etc. We help you enhance the reputation of your businesses by keeping your property clean, shiny and germs free. Our high quality integrated services that not only focuses on the outlook of the property but also focuses on making the properties germ free by using various methods to eliminate the germs because we always believe eliminating harmful germs is the most important part of cleaning.
Various types of services in residential cleaning and commercial cleaning

Windows cleaning

Save both your money and time with the help of our windows cleaning services. Our windows cleaning services are available for small buildings to tall skyscrapers. We use the most advanced safety techniques that make our services safe and more effective. Get your windows clean, spotless and dust free with just a phone call to us.

Carpet cleaning

Deposition of dusts in the carpets can make expensive carpets look like rugs. Cleaning carpets without proper equipment is never effective. We bring you the best carpet cleaning services within the most competitive prices. Our use of modern equipment will make your carpets look totally new and last longer. As we all know carpets add beauty to the flooring of the house we focus on every small details of carpet cleaning to add beauty and style to your homes.

Kitchen cleaning

Get the most professional kitchen cleaning services from us. Whether it is the kitchen of residential homes or of cafe, restaurants and hotels our service is available for every types of kitchen. Renovate your kitchen with our cleaning services. We help you get rid of all kinds of stains in kitchen tiles, basins and other parts.
We also provide sofa cleaning, bathroom and restroom cleaning, construction cleaning, floor cleaning, wood cleaning etc.